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The nature of diaconal ministry

The ministry offered by deacons is not exclusive to deacons. Rather their work overlaps with that of others as part of the bigger picture. Their main charge is to model, integrate and encourage others in the servant ministry of Christ.

"... to model, integrate and encourage others in the servant ministry of Christ"

A deacon may:

Like church stewards, be found greeting people at the door rather than in the vestry before worship.
Like ministers or class leaders, lead groups for prayer and study, be available for people pastorally, caring for the young and old.
Like all members of a congregation, seek out the needs of the local community.

In each area of ministry deacons take extra steps, for example:

Walking the streets of the local community, making contacts and bridges between people, social services and other agencies as well as people and the Church.
Using all opportunities available to them to strengthen and encourage people's Christian faith In every aspect of their life: home, neighbourhood and workplace.
enabling church people in their daily ministry and, through intercession, bringing the needs of The world into the heart of worship and challenging the church to respond.

In these ways, the servant ministry of Jesus Christ and of his Church is strengthened.

Deacons have a public role representing the Church to the community, working on behalf of God and the Church. They have been called by God, trained and ordained to the ministry in which they remind and help the Church to live out their role as servants of God in the world.

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