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Who are the Friends of the Methodist Diaconal Order?

We are a group of individuals who are interested in the work of the Methodist Diaconal Order and wish to support the Order and encourage Deacons in their work.

We recognise the distinct character of the MDO and support its distinctive role within the Methodist Church.

As Friends, we promise to support the Order as an organisation and Deacons as individuals through:

  • Prayer
  • Personal contacts
  • Telling others
  • Giving donations of time and resources.

In return, the Methodist Diaconal Order promises to recognise and value the commitment and support of its Friends by praying and sharing news of the life and work of the Order.

There is no fixed subscription for becoming a Friend of the MDO, but a minimum annual subscription of 10.00 is suggested to cover the cost of letters and magazines which we receive.

To join the Friends of the MDO please contact:

  • Friends of the Methodist Diaconal Order
  • 26 St James Road
  • Edgbaston
  • B15 2NX
  • Email

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