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The Methodist Diaconal Order is both an Order of Ministry and a Religious Order within the Methodist Church in the UK.

Different styles of ministry

Different Styles

Diaconal ministry is incredibly varied, however it is likely to be people centred, encouraging, enabling, supporting and pastoral in nature.

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Nature of Diaconal Ministry

The ministry offered by deacons overlaps with that of others as part of the bigger picture. Their main charge is to model, integrate and encourage others in the servant ministry of Christ.

Diaconal cross

Deacons and Presbyters

The Methodist Church has two orders of ministry: presbyteral and diaconal. The two orders are equal in status yet with certain differences in focus, style and character.

Rule of Life

Rule of Life

The Rule is not compulsory, but it is hoped that it will be freely followed and adapted to each deacon's lifestyle. It provides a framework for the hectic rhythm of everyday life and may become a blessing and a joy, bringing glory to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

My Story

My Story

Current deacons speak about the Methodist Diaconal Order in their own words and tell of their journey through discernment, candidating and ordination.

History of MDO

Wesleyan Deaconesses were founded by the Rev Thomas Bowman Stephenson in 1890. In 1873 he had become involved in a new development the Metropolitan Lay Mission - with lay missionaries and deaconesses working with people not reached by other agencies.


Act of Rededication

On the final day of their annual Convocation Methodist Deacons will take part in an act of rededication.

Is the Order for me?

Is the Order for me?

If you are wondering whether the Methodist Diaconal Order might be where God is leading you, take some time to think about your response to these questions.

Become a Friend

Become a Friend

The Friends of the Methodist Diaconal Order are a group of individuals who are interested in the work of the Methodist Diaconal Order and wish to support the Order and encourage Deacons in their work.



if you wish to know about the Methodist Diaconal Order please contact us.

Forms and resources

Forms and Resources

Downloadable forms and resources for churches, circuits and deacons.

Enquiry form

Enquiry Form

To enquire about our website, the Diaconal Order or just to get in contact with us please fill out the enquiry form and we will attempt to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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